15 years BigCityBeats – Pre-Sale starts tomorrow and more artists announced

Question: Are you allowed to wish yourself a Happy Birthday ?

Answer: Why not, if there is something to celebrate ?!

On April 5th 2019, there are many reasons to pop the corks. BigCityBeats celebrates its 15th birhday. Whoever thinks there will be some kind of “WORLD CLUB DOME 2.0” presented to the partycrowd, you’re wrong. As Bernd Breiter (CEO and founder of BigCityBeats) hints, it will not be a huge stadium venue on this particular Friday evening, no. We’ll party in – for BigCityBeats conditions – a smaller, but finer location: in the Festhalle Frankfurt.

The Event: a part of the music exhibition-festival Frankfurt

Timmy Trumpet, Alle Farben, Le Shuuk and Lovra celebrate


Tickets for “15 years BigCityBeats” on April 5th 2019 at the Festhalle Frankfurt here

But one by one…

Once upon a time …

On March the 1st in 2004, a radio show discovered the light of the world: BigCtyBeats was born. The first sentences became hyphens: ” We’ll make your weekend better”. After going on air, small parties followed. The first event took place in 8Grad located in Heidelberg. Expected number of visitors: 400. Actual visitors: 80. oh – that dind’t go as planned. But give up ? No way! But then, more than 1.000 visitors showed up to the second party. And today – after 131.400 streaming hours – 160.000 guestes visit the BigCityBeats-Events on one weekend only. What a story of success! A story, no one believed in the beginning. Not even Bernd Breiter himself. ” Never ever have I  dreamed of us planning and implementing events in Korea, with a crew that has 14 members only … working together with the European space agency ESA and flying into zero gravity … transforming a luxury liner into a partyship and sailing across the Mediterranean Sea”, Bernd Breiter says.

Only question is how to celebrate such an story of success honorably, which was labelled as an unnatural vision and a lunatic-abstruse idea. Very easy: There is nothing better to celebrate the 15 years anniversary than a feudal backdrip: the Frankfurter Festhalle – she’s the mothership of all festival halls, she has the certain charme and esprit, the certein extra, the certain something and the certain flair to execute such an event. 
Special guests are: With his trademark – the trumpet -, Timmy Trumpet flies in all the way from Australia. An EDM-superstar with unforgettable live-appearances! As well as the BigCityBeats-Event’s resident-DJ Le Shuuk is part of the party. He, who started as No-Name-DJ and who is rocking today’s events mainstages – echo winner Alle Farben. The DJ from Berlin who has produced catching tunes with “Please Tell Roise”, “Little Hollywood” and “Supergirl”. Our fourth contestant, who indeed has the potential in becoming a supergirl and superstar, belongs to the birtday-party line-up as well: Lovra, who is singed to Kontor Records and who does count to one of the absolute hottest newcomer – 2019 is her year. Festivals, Events, Clubgigs. From open to close.

Ending: open. That doesn’t count for the BigCityBeats-Events. There is a lot coming up for the partynation in 2019. The Birthdayparty is only the opener for the upcoming, even bigger events. It is the official Pre-Party … the “road to WORLD CLUB DOME”, which will take place at the usual Commerzbank Arena in Frankurt on June 7th, 8th and 9th, including the whole pool area, the whole forest and the whole grassland. This year will be the first club in zero gravity, who celebrates it’s first flight in space in 2018: Zero Gravity. A transformed plane of practice – a Zero – G – Flight with parbolic manouvers and 50 passangers on board: clubbers and DJs. Zero Gravity, in March 2019. In August we will set sail with the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Cruise Edition, while we’re heading to the other side of the world in Fall 2019 – BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Asia. We will have the grand finale respectively the opening for 2020 in Düsseldorf: the Winter Edition.

But back to the Birthdaybash: The visitors will not only await a first class sound and a grandiose show, even a special audiovisual spectacle: The zero gravity aftermovie’s  ur-performance. And of course, Bernd Breiter will not leave this opportunity aside to step on stage and announce the next “Breaking News”.

The BigCityBeats’ birthday party is part of the music exhibition-festival Frankfurt – a 5-day adventure with more than 60 concerts in around 30 locations located at the exhibition compound. Tickets for the event ,starting April 2. and ending 6th of April, are available for 15 Euros. Including: Benefits and even partly free entree to all events. More information at www.musikmesse-festival.com.