Return of the Harder Style: First Headliners for the Zombie Stage • BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Frankfurt 2019

Who doesn’t know the classic Cranberrie “zombie” in year 1993 ? – This was a rethorical question! The smoky-itchy vocal-line by singer Dolore O’Riordan, rocking smash-elements, mixed with crunch. This world wide success celebrated its comeback last year – as hardstyle-act. The covertrack by dutch DJ Ran-D reached nearly 50 million views on YouTube. Surely, the hardest sounds’ international flagship is a must on the Zombie Stage at the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME in Frankfurt.

The Zombie Stage – this year, on June 8th and 9th, the zombie stage will reappear at the open aired Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt. It will be even biggerbetter and louder than the successfull premier in 2018. Hardcore-, Hardstyle-, Hard-Techno- and Psytrance-Fans are amazed when they take a look at the Line-Up (Phase 1), which has been published by now. There’s no need to talk  around the bushes: here are the first ten acts, who will be shooting their tracks with fireworks, flame-jets, special effects, co2 shootings towards the crowd.

If anyone has honorely earned the title of “Godfather of Hardcore”, then it’s him: Angerfist. The dutch DJ is, you can say, the harder style’s big bang, who has formed and shaped this genre like no one else has ever before.

Trademark: his white mask

As well as his fellow countryman Wildstylez who fills the big halls. He is DJ, label-manager and Out-of-Control-Generator. Trademark: you can say the stage’s demolition and the unrestrained-wild rage by the dancefloor-community.

Neelix –  you don’t have to say a lot about the Hamburger. Three words are enough to manhandle him in the Kling-Klong-Sounds Olymp: Psytrance, Crazyness, Yeah!

Trademark: the (!) glasses.

And what are Trance-Legend and Classic-Guru Talla 2XLC doing on the Zombie-Stage ? Simple as that: He is performing his Alias-Project called Zyrus 7. Need a sample ? Simply search for the title “Flowtation” on YouTube. Unbeatable Track! Trademark: heavyweighted dancefloor-burner.

Back to the beats beyond the 150-bpm-mark: it doesn’t take long to bump into Korsakoff‘s name. But, wait a minute … A lady behind the decks at the zombie stage ? Naturellement! The grand hardcore and hard techno lady doesn’t play at the biggest festivals all over the world for nothing. Next stop: BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Frankfurt 2019. Trademark: For one, she’s a blondy – for another, she is the hardest DJ-Queen the world has to offer.

Question for the Harder-Style-Experts: what goes along with Top-DJ and 1-a-Show on the Zombie stage ? Right: an MC. And he is the Must-Hear, who rides along the pole position. Tha Watcher. Listen – and freak out. Trademark: Of course, the microphone!

The Top-100 DJs by the DJ Mag are the electronic music’s measures of all things. Whoever receives a ranking, does count, without any doubt, to the Global Players. Such as him: Radical Redemption. He is currently ranked number 69 on the list of the most popular Disjockeys in the world. For his fans, he will be ranked number 1 while playing on the Zombie Stage  at the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME. Trademark: his armour.

1982. It was a good year. The birthhour of Brennan Heart. Over time, his work vaulted the dutch DJ to the peak of the most known international representitives Hardstyle has to offer. Trademark: beeing a migician behind the decks with the composure to control the mass hysterically.

Digital Punk: He is married, lives with his wife in Papendrecht, Netherlands and even has his own hair salon. Sounds spicy ? Wait until you see him perform live on stage! There, the labelboss is the Harder-Styles-Rocket in person. Start confirmed and take off with Digital Punk. Trademark: extravagant shows.

To round up the press release , we’ll head to the man who will do the introduction – delivering his Smash-Remix “Zombie”, which fits perfectly to the stage of the same name: Ran-D. Trademark: his zombie-mascarade as well as his style.

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