Genre : Rap

Homecountry : Germany

The 257ers are the musical counterpart to Philipp Amthor: antisocial at heart, beautiful and absolutely suitable for memorizing. The rap combo from Essen-Kupferdreh has given the Germans a lot of „Holz“ and the neighbouring „Holland“ – only in song form, but the nation has thanked them with double gold and platinum status. At concerts they celebrate their joint triumph with foam guns, confetti and the most bone-breaking pogo a band can conjure up. The new album „Abrakadabra“ celebrates ten years of organized mental derangement – as a tribute to themselves and as an anniversary of their 2009 debut album „Hokus Pokus“.

Since 2005, the professional sociopaths have been shooting in various constellations through rehearsal rooms, concert cellars and festival arenas from here to the moon. 2009 saw the release of „Hokus Pokus“, the first album that introduced a success story that is incomparable in the unironic-ironic Deutschrap. At the latest since the catchy rutting cry „Ich und mein Holz, ich und mein Holz, Holzi, Holzi, Holz“ has been pumped from Splash! to Rock am Ring to Ballermann, everyone knows who the verbal violent criminals from the Ruhrpott are. After the first years were still about mistreating Deutschrap with a crowbar, since 2014 at the latest, biological decomposition is being counted on: and so out of the rotting body of the so-called rapgame, rows of golden and platinum records and 1LIVE crowns fall out – and the fanbase, lovingly christened „Mutants“ by the band, still remains faithful.

With „Abrakadabra“ not only original member Keule will be reactivated for some songs in 2019 – the album marks a return to old unworthy values and will especially bring back more fresh hate, more abortion of dissenters and more golden shower in cocktail form to the fans of the first hour. Although Keule will only be around for a couple of lovers‘ meetings, the guys guarantee intoxication, snot and rioting in the old 257s style: For a foretaste you can get on the official YouTube channel AkkTV. Here’s to an unconscious 2020!