Genre : Techno

Homecountry : France

DJ & producer Chris Tietjen is a vital techno activist who is constantly looking for new tendencies and influences. Tietjen’s goal is to develop as an artist – constant musical education and progression plays a major role in his DJ heritage. During his years with the cocoon family in frankfurt he received an enormous amount of creative input and got to know the musical backround of many of his mentors such as Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos or Raresh. His passion for music and DJing combined with all the supreme influences formed a full force DJ talent out of Tietjen with a very own and characteristic sound. Every single night receives a unique musical treatment by Tietjen and becomes a special occasion: Entertainment is the game, good electronic dance music is the name!
Tietjen started his career with an early focus in hip hop, funk and reggae. The wide musical spectrum of his role models always fascinated Tietjen and finally helped shaping his taste and DJ-sets. The young man that once started as a minimal techno head became a profound DJ who manages it to combine techno and house out of many shades and eras almost in perfection. Tietjens dj-sets incorporates house sounds, vocal tracks as well as minimal techno or acid house. Or course, being a passionate techno-DJ and clubber himself, Tietjen is also ready to stir things up a bit and push harder sounds at any time, too.
Chris is also looking back to a decent amount of successful productions and tries to check in his studio as often as possible. He also teams up with his friends and colleagues such as Christian Burkhardt, Reboot or Markus Fix, however Tietjen considers himself a DJ first of all, an entertainer and a music selector. He follows the traditional idea of an DJ as an artist that creates a musical night vision rather than just playing one tune after the other. It’s the DJ-craft and not just another loop-player that makes the difference. So, providing real life party experiences is Tietjens business instead of working on his facebook profile and his marketing strategy. On top of all this his favorite tool to work with is vinyl and the good old wheels of steel!
Tietjen is a musical ambassador for the city of Frankfurt. He consequently works on his DJ-carrer and the approach to be a professional artist. His early gigs at the Cocoonclub Frankfurt and his first appearances on festivals like the Nature One (2003) oder Green & Blue (2004) set personal milestones in his life. Tietjen is ever since then focusing on his carrer in a very professional way – he is for sure an exception among many technoDJs these days. He is going for the extra afterhour as well as for spontaneous back 2 back sets – no diva with airs and graces… just music! Tietjen is a DJ for techno-fans and for fans of the sound of frankfurt and he will stay away from the mainstream and from dodgy hypes. Chris Tietjen will stay true to himself and his music: Techno!