Genre : Electronic

Homecountry : Germany

…ain‘t no ordinary actionhero!
Hypercat is cooler than Chuck Norris, slicker than Jerry Springer and drinks David Hasselhoff under the table.

Moestwanted & Hypercat show up extraordinary. They transform every location in a sparkling, colorful parallel universe that makes the crowd feel like they’ve been morphed into a part of this insane comic world.

They‘ve already performed at Tomorrowland Unite, Ultra Europe, BigCityBeats WorldClubDome, OpenBeatz Festival and have been touring clubs throughout Germany.

With Mostwanted at the turntables the show will be celebrated by one of the most booked German DJs. With its massive festival sounds and a matching choreography the show is unique in the world.

Stagediving, crowdsurfing, tons of confetti and the most massive wall of death you‘ve ever seen! Hypercat gives you the ultimate entertainment that you ain‘t gon‘ forget.

We love high quality shows as much as the internet loves cats!