Genre : Hip-Hop

Homecountry : Germany

Jugglerz are a package bomb: there are explosives inside them!
As sound system and record label Shotta Paul and Meska have been mixing the scene on: online radio show, spectacular performances in Jamaica, worldwide Tours, soundclashes and celebrated releases with the stars of the scene. Then make it click: Boom! Meska installs Ableton on the MacBook and gets excited about his old love again, producing. And also the crew grows: With DJ Cutlass, DJ Smo, Jopez and Sir Jai Jugglerz gets even more
It really takes off with the production „Was Du Liebe Nennst“ for the then still unknown Bausa. The song breaks through the sound barrier and makes Jugglerz the most attractive studio partner of the hour. Gzuz, Raf Camora,
Bonez, Ufo361, Zuna, Miami Yacine, Nimo, Olexesh herself Lena Meyer-Landrut or Major Lazer is working with a crew that has big plans for the future.
As a hit machine with a stage wrecking ball, the Jugglerz have staked everything …to get the fans excited. Their unique soundsystem stage show makes every party and every festival to an unforgettable mega event.