Genre : Dance

Universal vibration is the foundation to life itself, certainly Matthew Dekay’s
ability to surrender to the ubiquitous powers that surround us and act as a
conduit for the energy and flow of the vibrations around us has been the
catalyst behind a successful career thus far.
Early on, he transferred his musical wizadry from an academic pathway to
immerse himself in the freedom afforded by electronic music, where the
constraints of classical composition simply didn’t exist. In doing this he
discovered a world which allowed to fully express his inner being and swiftly
became successful within his chosen field. However, Matthew’s popularity
impacted on his creative output and, in his own words, he ended up ‘selling
his soul’ for a while – trapped by the commercial side of the industry. Matthew
soon became aware of his predicament and bravely opted to take a step away
from the fame and the bright lights to realign himself with something
altogether more fulfilling, food for the soul, and a chance meeting with Lee
Burridge in New York provided the perfect moment to pursue his true calling.
The two men bonded over their love for the more emotive side of house
music, and they became close friends in a very short space of time. Their
friendship led to the conception of the now infamous All Day I Dream project,
which started out as a series of outdoor parties and is now a globally
recognised music brand, with a record label and a huge, loyal following
attached to it.
Matthew’s ethos has always been to simply spread the love with his music,
whether it be through his exquisite productions or his emotive DJ sets. This
permeates into the All Day I Dream concept, which focuses on a more
feminine, unifying sound ethic – counteracting the adrenalin pumping big
drops that are more prevalent within the club scene. Using outdoor locations
to provide an open, welcoming setting where party people can socialise and
where they can see one another smiling, dancing and enjoying themselves is
paramount to Matthew and Lee’s parties.
In tandem with this, the two men have also fused their combined years of
knowledge in their respective fields to create a unique working relationship.
Matthew sharing his wealth of production and composition experience, which
includes several years studying the more traditional aspects of music – while
Lee’s 20+ years as a world-renowned DJ has helped Matthew to grow and
evolve as a selector himself. It’s a relationship that has its foundations in
genuine love for music and has bolstered the skills of both artists, creating a
partnership which is exciting, innovative and always evolving.
Matthew’s beliefs, which are tied in with spirituality and the power of the
universe, complement his musical outlook. He is a man who believes in the
power of vibration, the universal language of music and the potency of
keeping things simple – you only have to listen to his music to fully understand
this notion. Hypnotic tracks such as ‘Lost In A Moment’ truly epitomise this
ethos, locking you into their mesmerising groove and taking you to the outer

regions of the cosmos with their ethereal melodies. The harmonious effects of
frequency belie his approach, and he realises the instantaneous response
that this has on human emotion.
Matthew works tirelessly on music, taking inspiration from the free-flowing
dynamics of jazz, and injecting his own productions with a sense of
adventure, plenty of love and a desire to unite people on the dance floor. As
well as All Day I Dream, Matt has set up a project called Fur Die Liebe, a
passion project away from All Day I Dream. He has also teamed up with an
Italian musician who has developed a technique for extracting polyrhythmic
sound patterns from organic matter. They are now compiling a breathtaking
library of sounds from his research.
An artist who believes the true measure of one’s success is not material gain
but acquiring the ability to follow one’s heart and to transmit the positive
energy stored inside one’s soul, Matthew Dekay remains one of the electronic
music world’s most proficient and intriguing artists. As All Day I Dream moves
into a new phase, together with Matthew’s other projects, his future continues
to be full of wonder and excitement…