Genre : Electronic

Homecountry : Bermuda

Blending mystery and island mythos, Noise Cans is a musical experience that is part carnival, part incantation, and pure celebration. A truly distinctive sound system, it is the brainchild of anonymous Bermudian frontman Noise Cans. The music is an alluring amalgam of Caribbean influences fused with modern electronic sounds.

Drawing inspiration from the Gombey, an iconic symbol of Bermuda born of resistance to authority, Noise Cans expresses a contemporary embodiment of this rich folkloric tradition rooted in African, indigenous, Caribbean and British cultures. On stage, Noise Cans appears in modern interpretations of Gombey masks flanked by vibrant dancers in intricate masquerade costumes, creating a mesmerizing visual and audio atmosphere. In this, Noise Cans pays homage to the spirit of the historical Gombey while also celebrating cutting edge art, music, and unequivocal rebellion.