Win an exclusive Backstage-Tour at the WORLD CLUB DOME – The Hollywood Edition.

You can win a Backstage-Tour for a maximum of 5 People  for you and your friends. Each Person who buys a Limited Box Edition until the 30. of May, is automatically taking Part in the Draw.
Here you find our Conditions of Participation.

This is something you have never seen before: HOLLYWOOD in Europe!

BigCityBeats transforms the Metropolis Frankfurt into the most exclusive happening that you’ve ever experienced. Enter a world of glamor and ecstasy, feel the warm Highlights on your Skin and the Crackling in the Air, let it dazzle you from the flurry of Flashlights and enjoy being in the Spotlight for a Weekend. For you we roll out the red Carpet and lead you into a Realm of Superlatives – together with the biggest Stars – not only from the Music Business. You want to feel like a Superstar yourself this Weekend?

Then we have just the right Thing for you: the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Limited Hollywood Edition Box! The Limited Hollywood Edition Box delivers the full WORLD CLUB DOME Experience Months in Advance. Get your Ticket to the largest Club in the World as a high-quality Festival Hard Ticket with Hologram – even after the Event still the perfect Memory of an unforgettable Weekend. For all Accessory Lovers the Box contains the limited WORLD CLUB DOME Bracelet from our Electric Family – woven from high-quality Cotton and sticked together by a precious Metal Clip. And in order to get in the Mood for the best Beats of the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME , the box delivers a unique, limited and non-commercially available CD exclusively mixed by the DJ Superstars W & W for the WORLD CLUB DOME 2018!

But that’s not enough! Together with you, we bring the Walk of Fame to Life – and YOU are the star in the spotlight!

With your personal, custom designed and exclusive WORLD CLUB DOME Hollywood Award, we invite you to run the world’s largest Red Carpet in Club History to become a Part of our incredible Aftermovie. Register here for free at [email protected] The “Dream Factory” prepares you a club for a weekend that you will never forget …

FAQ’s about Tickets:

Is it possible to book a Hotel- or Camping-Voucher later on to the Ticketpay Ticket (Club Ticket 3 Days, Club Ticket Deluxe 3 Days or VIP Ticket 3 Days) I already bought?

Yes, you can book a Hotel- or Camping-Voucher later on. You can book it at My Ticketportal under the point additional articles. If you bought your ticket from another Ticket Supplier you can contact [email protected] Nevertheless we can’t garantuee you Availablitiy in this case. Buyer of a Day- or 2-Day-Ticket can’t buy a Camping Voucher. Still it is possible to buy a 3-Day Hotel-Voucher.

You can’t take part in the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Winter Edition 2018? There is nobody in your circle of friends who could buy your Ticket? Or you are searching for a Ticket which is already sold out?

No Problem. Ticketswap is our official Partner for E-Tickets. Just visit the Event Site of Ticketswap and exchange Tickets!
Attention: All Tickets purchased via Ticketswap do not give you the Permission to use the public Transport, even if this Information is written down on your Ticket. 
Ticketswap will send you a new Ticket of your appropriate Ticket Category.

We dehort you to buy Tickets from the Internet in which you can see the Barcode of the Ticket. Please understand that we will not answer any Questions about the Validity of these Tickets.

How do I get access to the frontstage area?

The access to the frontstage are in front of the mainstage is only allowed with a club ticket deluxe.

Are regular tickets transferable?

Yes, that’s no problem. Regular tickets are transferable, because the only important thing at the entrance is the barcode.

Is it possible to transcribe tickets?

Yes, that is possible. The personalization of the ticket is only important for the RMV-Ticket for the public transport, because the personal details will be controlled.The transcribation of a ticketscript ticket can be done here.

What’s the difference between the ticket phases?

The different phases of the pre—sale are only different in price. The services are the same. As soons as regular phase 1 is sold out, there will be only tickets of regular phase 2.

What services can I expect with a VIP ticket?

VIP Area with terrace directly at the mainstage, VIP view of the mainstage and on the area, reserved VIP parking spot (2 Tickets), separate VIP entrance, exclusive food and drinks, acces to the arena, stands,Zombie-Stage, Club Music Circle, Party Tents. Access to every single area as long as capacity is available. Drinks and food aren’t included in the price. No access to the frontstage.

Questions and Problems when buying tickets via or Eventbrite

If you have further questions or problems while buying a ticket, please visit the website of the ticketshop, in which you ordered you tickets. : Ticketscript or

For ticketscript users: If you can’t find your ticket e-mail anymore, you can easily apply for a new attempt to get them. Visit -> Help -> I am a ticket buyer and then fill in the same E-Mail which you used while purchasing the ticket. It will be automatically send to the e-mail.

You didn’t get your [email protected] or mobile presale Ticket? The most common reasons are:

  • Your mailbox is over filled. Therefore check and clean it regularly.
  • The e-mail has landed in the spam folder. Please always check this area. It also helps to unlock the domain @ or @ for the reception (White List). Please refer to the help of your e-mail program or provider to check how this works.
  • You have entered an incorrect e-mail address. Please send a correction message to [email protected] Please do not forget to enter your name, so that your entry in the system can also be located.
  • You have deleted your print @ home VVK ticket? Please contact [email protected] Please do not forget to include your name, date of birth and the order number (if available).
  • Only your name is on all tickets. Can your friends still enter or do you have to give their names? Only the name of the purchaser is shown on the tickets. Nevertheless, your friends can enter with their tickets to the event, regardless of you. It is important that you distribute the cards correctly – a ticket to only one person. If you pass on the same ticket to different people, only one person can go in and the others have no choice then to stay outside of the event. The tickets will be checked and canceled at the ticket office.
  • You have ordered your ticket from Eventbrite but have not received a print @ home ticket? All orders via Eventbrite are pure hardtickets. You will receive it via post. If you have any questions or problems purchasing tickets on Eventbrite, please contact Eventbrite Support.

Why is the same name on each ticket?

The tickets for the event are automatically transfered to the ticket purchaser upon purchase. this is not relevant for entering, only the valid barcode of the tickets is counting. The name will not be checked at the entrance. However, the RMV ticket must be personalized and adressed to the user. You give this information when buying the tickets in the ticket shop. You can also find out how to re-personalize this in our FAQs.

Why are the ticket fees so high?

The fees consist of the usual presale fees and the system fees of the ticket shop (inclusive payment processing fees).

But that’s not all: we cover your travel expenses with a RMV combined ticket, which is included in the fees. With this ticket you can travel the entire weekend for free with public transport within the entire RMV area. Without the RMV-Ticket you would quickly pay 15-30 € travel costs per day.

How is the shipping of the Limited Box Edition handled?

The delivery time of the Limited Box Edition may take several weeks (as stated on the website). The shipping costs are already included in the price. Possible applicable taxes and customs for international shipping outside the EU are to be borne by the buyer of the Limited Box Edition.

How often can I use my ticket? Can a ticket be used by different people for different days?

Each ticket will be invalid after the first scan and will be exchanged for a wristband or something similar. Therefore, a ticket is only valid for one person. This wristband cannot be removed or given to another person. If your band is damaged, there is no guarantee that you will receive a new wristband. Without your wristband you will not get any access to the event.

Which ticket do I need as a wheelchair user?

Of course we are happy about every visitor and we wish you all a lot of fun at the World Club Dome. Please understand that, there are no suitable places in the infield, frontstage, VIP and lodge area for wheelchair users because of safety reasons. A stay for wheelchair users in the areas mentioned is not possible. Please inform yourself about suitable places and tickets under [email protected].

Where is my ticket?

If you have any questions about the dispatch time of the Hardtickets or the Limited Box Edition, please contact:

[email protected]

If you have any questions about your E-Ticket please directly message your ticket supplier.