Here you can have your balance paid back from Wednesday the 7th of June until June 13th 2018. Subsequently, the credit expires definitively. Any claims on your credit are unfortunately no longer possible.

Do i receive my money back at the end of the event ?

You can receive your money on Sunday at the WORLD CLUB DOME. This is also possible online. 

You can get your credit back after the event. Simply register online up to two weeks after the event. Your inquiry will be editet. The transferring process can take a few weeks. The credit will fall completely. a maximum of 50€ will be payed off. 

How does the payment process work at the stands ?

You can pay at all stands with your Club Cash Card. The Card will be held on to a card reading device, which will deduct the corrseponding amount. Thereupon you will see your current credit.

When you notice that you don’t have enough money on your card while transaction, the payment process will be canceled and your card has to be recharged.

Will there be a card deposit ?

A card deposit of 2,-€ will be calculated additionally wih your first charging. You will receive it back after you submit your card.

How do I receive my Club Cash Card ?

At all “Cash-Card-Stations”.

What do I have to be aware of when charging my Club Cash Card ?

The minimum amount of charge is 20 Euro. The charging happens in 10 steps. You pay by cash and card within the lounges. It is possible to charge your card upon camping site starting thursday. The deposit of the card is 2,-€.

What is the Club Cash Card ?

This year again, we offer you the opportunity to pay cashless. You’ll be needing a Club Cash Card for it, which you can charge. You will receive the Club Cash Card on festival site.